Aug 172009

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Megan Andelloux continues her exploration and explanation of female sexual anatomy using one of our favorite live models, this time in the reclining, or lying down, position. She points out all the folds and holes that are hiding ‘down there’ and demystifies some of the big words that are used to describe all of the female parts.

  9 Responses to “Female Anatomy – Reclining”

  1. This is a great video for learning where everything thing is. It’s not the type of thing that us men can generally explore (at least in an academic way). Will there be a follow up on how to use this knowledge to provide pleasure to woman. I know my girl friend would like for me to watch that. ;)

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    You know, I thought that I knew just about everything there was to know about my own vagina, but Megan surprised me with a few little pointers that had so far eluded me. Excellent presentation. Felt nice, too : )

  3. Very informative, especially about the clitoris. Megan’s style is always positive and encouraging, great clip!

  4. What a cool thing to see! It was awesome to be able to see this demo on a real women. I love Megan’s presentation style.

  5. I agree with Leah; where else can you get such a great lesson with a live model? Megan is always both very informational in her lessons but treats the material she is covering with wit and respect.

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    “You can see Beaker exposing himself.” – best line ever!

  7. “big gaping hole” best line ever!

  8. very interesting presentation! great that she had a live model to demonstrate on–so much better than a textbook!

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    I enjoyed the information. :)