Oct 272009

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There are many different traditions of protocol and Princess Kali is here to share some of the ‘Kink Academy Standards’ including; tone of voice, addressing a Dominant, and phrases to use to communicate with-in the ‘scene’. These protocols are a good starting point for both submissives and Dominants to establish a more personalized standard.

  3 Responses to “Protocol”

  1. I totally loved this video. These “basic” types of things are often not talked about, but beginners really need to hear about them. Princess Kali and this lovely “subbie hottie” do a great job demonstrating what is more appropriate. I feel like I understand protocols much better now. :)

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    Thank You Princess for this video. i feel more prepared when with my Master. i am somewhat of a difficult sub and need all the help i can get. ~annemieke~

  3. Great video.