Mar 152010

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Bo from DeTails Toys explores and demonstrates the role of punching in relation to impact play and BDSM. He talks about the controversy and intense experiences associated with punching and also shows you how to get started with impacting the back and chest. Learn more about what to expect and how to safely immerse yourself in this interesting topic!

  4 Responses to “Impact Play: Punching”

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    Although i am not personally interested in this fetish, it was very interesting, and Bo was a great instructor.

  2. Awesome video! I saw the Demo at the Kink Academy Open house but did not have a great seat to see ‘where to hit’. Great information. Thank you!!

  3. When I first heard about people punching in the scene, I really thought it wasn’t for me but this video has really opened my eyes to how personal and deep it can be and I’m getting more excited about maybe trying it out sometime.

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    I love this video. It really introduced me to an alternate view of punching and it looks like an amazing good time!