Sep 242010

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Dottie from Needle Play Design uses Starfire to introduce skin stapling in this 7-minute clip. Dottie identifies the precise staple gun to use, demonstrates exactly how the gun works, compares and contrasts skin stapling with needle play (e.g., length of time to keep in the skin, pain levels, etc.), recommends where and where not to staple, shows how to make an arm corset – and highlights safety throughout.

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  5 Responses to “Skin Stapling”

  1. That corset is really beautiful. Where would one look for buying a skin stapler?

  2. @StrangeLove: You can get them anywhere you buy medical supplies. If you are looking for a kink-friendly medical supply site, try That’s where I have bought a lot of my medical play supplies.

  3. i was a bit surprised by how the staple actually closed under the skin. i once accidentally put a staple in my breast as i was unjamming a staple gun. it didn’t hurt going in or while it was in, but i was scared to have it taken out even though the staple was just straight in.

    i was disappointed there wasn’t any instruction on how to remove these staples, especially if someone gets them at a party and decides to keep them in for a while. since you can give them a good tug, i assume there must be some type of staple remover that opens up the folded over parts under the skin???

  4. @Playgirl unfortunately we can’t cover an entire topic in one clip, so we have a series of them that gets posted over time. How to remove skin staples in coming up next week!

  5. avatar

    Loved this video. Thanks, Dottie!