Dec 242010

Sensation play, specifically light sensation play, has been a part of Sylvanus’s and I’s relationship (regardless of D/s or not) since the beginning. Though the phrase “sensation play” should be pretty self explanatory, I will define it for those who may not know. It is the use of objects (or other body parts) on the body in order to stimulate the senses. Sensation play can vary from light, medium and hard.

For us, light sensation play always comes into play on more “romantic” evenings. Slvanus will strap me down to the bed using the “under the bed restraints” and place a blindfold over my eyes. A blindfold is an easy way to intensify your other senses. When you take one away, the others get heightened. Sometimes, Sylvanus will both blindfold and put noise canceling head phones on my ears. Now my sense of touch, smell and taste are extremely heightened.

Being blindfolded also opens up a world of opportunity. Any object laying around the house, if used creatively, can be great for sensation play. It’s important to realize sensation play does not need to break your bank account. Getting simple household items from the dollar store can help save you money if you don’t already own a few things. Feather dusters, clean sponges, clothes pins, etc, are all household items that can be used in varying degrees of sensation play.

On romantic evenings, once I’ve been strapped down and blindfolded, Sylvanus has so much fun playing with my body. It is amazing foreplay. Warm honey drizzled on my nipples and then licked off sends me over the edge. He runs everything from hands, feathers and flowers over my body. Once, after buying me a bouquet of roses, Sylvanus took a long stem rose and ran the petals over my face. They are soft and silky and as they run over my nose, I could smell the aroma. It is relaxing and sensual to feel a rose being trailed all over my body. On the flip side, Sylvanus can turn the rose around and run a thorn gently over my body. It doesn’t have to “hurt” but it awakens the senses to a different sensation. It’s always good to vary the sensations.

Sensation play is not something limited to the “kink” world. It’s is a great way to add foreplay into anybody’s sex life. It’s also a fun and creative way of playing with your lover’s body. It’s enjoyable to see what objects you can find to turn your lover on or make them squirm. Light sensation play is definitely something I think all couple’s should give a try. Both receiver and giver get a lot of pleasure out of it. Make a game out of it, like guess what is running along your body. Get nasty with it. My favorite is when Sylvanus will run his cock along my face when I am blindfolded. The feel of it’s heat, coupled with it’s distinct scent and soft texture makes me salivate!