Jun 172011

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Chey trains her submissive Gabriel in basic position training during this eight-minute video. She begins with important negotiation points and then has Gabriel demonstrate five positions: present, kneel up, ready, expose, and expose ass. An informative and sexy video for anyone with interest in power exchange.

  7 Responses to “Position Training Part 1: Basic Poses”

  1. Cleared cache, still no video…

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    Is it working for you now, Errica? I’ve checked various videos from a variety of accounts, and they’re playing on my end.

  3. Success!

  4. Lovely basic positions. It’s unfortunate that my knees are not as good as I’d like them to be. I’d have to have the kneeling positions altered. Gives me a good idea of what I might like to try though!

  5. Great instructional video on basic positions. Thank you.

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    Thank you. This is very helpful for my assignment from Mistress. =)

  7. Very informative, thank you!