Aug 232012

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Chey provides another, more advanced slave position training video during this seven-minute clip. She first describes many different fun and creative ways to play with positions (e.g., multiple submissives, games, competitions, etc.) and then shows how to challenge your submissive to demonstrate positions accurately, speedily, and gracefully.

  4 Responses to “Position Training Part 2: In Scene”

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    Thank you Chey. I am going to have so much fun with this. I look forward to the next clip.

  2. I am really loving this series. It’s playful and informative, and I always love Chey’s videos.

    I would, however, also love to see different takes on positions from others that do position training since, as she mentions, everyone has their own set of positions that they like. More from Chey (and others!) would be most appreciated!

    Again, great work on this video and series! It’s really helpful to see these things in action rather than just hear or read about them.

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    Wow, thank you again. Time to practice.

  4. She was a willful little slut….