Nov 192012

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Using humor and some play-acted vignettes with naiia, Graydancer illustrates some of the common male dominant archetypes that are seen in the kink scene. He references Midori’s concept of “cookies” – that is, the qualities of each role that feed a dominant’s needs – as each archetype is explored. This clip is a great mixture of laughter and inspiration for finding your own “cookies” in D/s.

  8 Responses to “Masculine Dominant Archetypes”


    Love the little touches like the hair clip for the hillbilly sub…

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    Lol, i love it. Replay!! :)

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    I love the New Age Dom!!

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    This was a fun concept, but undermined by the number of edits and video glitches. I felt like I was watching the old Max Headroom TV series.

    • As it happens, that’s exactly the effect I was going for! Sorry you didn’t enjoy the artsy bits, they aren’t for everyone. But sometimes Kali lets me play around, and that was the intention here with the video.

  5. “Hi…I’m from Seattle….”

    It’s so true!

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    This made me giggle quite a bit, very entertaining!

    Will watch more of your videos.

  7. Leaves my head spinning. Need to have a script to read (in preparation) and to follow while watching the video. Is there one available?