Nov 302012

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Chey goes over the nuts and bolts of skin stapling by covering supplies and safety in this clip. Starting with the correct types of cleansing agents for medical play, she talks about typical supplies for stapling scenes including some of the varieties of staplers and where to get them. Using Nerine as an example, Chey also goes over the safe and fun places to apply staples.

  2 Responses to “Skin Stapling: Safety & Supplies”

  1. Thank you Chey. Very informative video. I look for more instruction.


    Lady Sheba

  2. Just to clarify, I intended to say “iodine skin sensitivity” not “iodine allergy.” Iodine is in table salt; your thyroid gland uses iodine to manufacture necessary hormones. Saying you’re allergic to iodine is kinda like saying you’re allergic to calcium, or magnesium. You aren’t. The idea that there is a cross-allergy with seafood is likewise a myth. However people can have topical skin reactions, and I prefer not to use iodine anyway, for the other reasons I outlined in the clip. :-)