About Us

This is not the “sex education” you received in junior high –
You’ve grown up, and so should your sex ed!

Kink Academy is a comprehensive library of sex-ed videos for adventurous, consenting adults. Whether you’re new to kink or an experienced player, there’s something for everyone to learn on KinkAcademy.com.

We listen to our Members and post 4-5 new videos
per week based on your interests.

With over 1000 sex-ed videos and over 100 sexuality educators, Kink Academy is a massive resource for sexual information that only keeps growing in value. The Kink Academy Team works with sex educators from around the world to present the most diverse and experienced voices possible for your ongoing sexual education.

There really is something for everyone!
These are just a few of the topics we cover:


Kink: BDSM, Dominance & submission, Rope Bondage, Mind Fucks, Impact Play, Play Piercing, Erotic Embarrassment, Forced Orgasm, Chastity, Electricity Play, Caning, Sado-Masochism, Corset Training, Spanking, Strap-On Sex, Violet Wand

Relationships: Polyamory, Swinging, Communication, Gender Awareness, 24/7 BDSM Relationships, Fantasy Exploration, Play Party Etiquette, Understanding Boundaries, Sex & Disability, Building Confidence

Massage & Sensual Touch, Kissing, Strap-On Play, Energetic Sex, Sensation Play, Body Language, Group Sex, G-Spot Play, Masturbation, Flirting, Body Worship, Genital Massage, Anal Sex

Health & Wellness: Anatomy for BDSM, Safer Sex Practices, Aging & Intimacy, Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity, Legal Concerns for Various Lifestyles, Risk Awareness

Kink Academy is more than just a video library;
it’s a community of acceptance.

Kink Academy is the Web’s leading resource for adult sexuality education in BDSM, polyamory, fetish, kink, swinging, and other sexual expressions that are commonly overlooked even in sex-positive educational materials. Our belief is that sexuality is a creative outlet that goes far beyond a few humdrum maneuvers in the bedroom, and that all safe and consensual interests are and worthy of validation.

Enroll in Kink Academy and Be Accepted!

The Kink Academy is run by a two playful professionals who are passionate about sexual expression and the freedom of knowledge.

The Kink Academy was founded by Princess Kali, a lifestyle Dominatrix and BDSM educator. Princess Kali launched KinkAcademy.com to bring sex-ed to people who typically couldn’t attend live classes due to location, privacy, or budgetary concerns. A year later she launched the sister site PassionateU.com to include more traditional sexuality.