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General Inquiries

How do I download the videos to view offline?

Kink Academy is an online educational resource. All videos on the site are streamed via a media server and thus cannot be downloaded and viewed offline.

What’s Passionate U? is the sister site to They both offer the same video sex-ed format, but some topics aren’t addressed on Passionate U. Passionate U is geared more towards people who want to learn more about sex, intimacy and more ‘traditional’ experiences of sexuality, but who aren’t necessarily into kink and BDSM. If you have friends who fit this description, pointing them towards Passionate U is a great place for them to watch and learn.


About the Site

Who are the educators on Kink Academy?

The Kink Academy faculty is composed of people from a multitude of educational and sex-positive backgrounds. Some of the KA Faculty have certifications in aspects of health, psychology, social services of the law which make them ideal academics for certain sexuality topics.

Most of our educators are experts in topics for which there are no accredited courses for (We have yet to find a college that offers “Spanking 101”), and who are upheld in their various communities as reliable sources of knowledge.

To make sure we get the best educators possible, all of our educators undergo a review process before we arrange to shoot content with them.

How do people apply to be educators on Kink Academy? If you or someone you know think that they would be a good educators for, please email me at [email protected]


About Our Topics & Educators

Why aren’t all of the videos on Kink Academy free?

Firstly, we have a comprehensive Free Video Section where we post health, legal and safety information that we believe all sexual beings should have access to. We also throw in vendor reviews and a couple of extra juicy clips, just for fun. The Kink Academy Team works REALLY hard to make this resource as accessible as possible, while trying to constantly improve the depth and quality of the content on the site. It’s our dream to dedicate all of our time and energy to this project, but we’re going to need to do things like eat and pay rent in order to do so.

Why are there some topics missing?

They’re not missing…they’re just not up yet. Kink Academy uploads 5 new videos a week (sometimes more, when I add Extra Credit bonus videos), and I carefully choose how videos get loaded into the queue based on user feedback, sequential presentations, pertinent events, and so forth. By the way, if you really want to see a specific video on Kink Academy, tell us! It’s really helpful to know what our viewers want, and I do my best to serve up the topics that are most relevant. To suggest a topic, drop me a line at [email protected]

So where does the money go?

Here’s a snapshot of where your membership support winds up:

  • Offering Sexuality Educators competitive pay & Affiliate Programs
  • Community Sponsorships! Check out our Community Page for details – Hosting 100’s of Videos! Server space ain’t cheap…
  • Flying to events and educators all over the country (and soon, the world!)
  • Purchasing the proper equipment to increase video quality
  • Hosting Fearless Press, a free online sexuality magazine
  • Making a sustainable, full time employer for it’s dedicated Team


Member Accounts

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When I try and log into the site it says that my account is expired/inactive, even though my automatic payment went through successfully. What’s the deal?

This can happen when our credit card processor fails to update our site’s membership management system upon rebill. This however is a very quick and easy fix, as your account can be manually updated in a matter of seconds. So, if this happens to you, please contact our WebMistress immediately so she can get you back into the site.

I lost my password, but when I clicked reset password I never received an email with my new temporary password. Where is it?

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