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Serene Ross

Serene Ross

Title Mistress Business/Group Serene Sin Location Los Angeles, CA Websites Biography View resume. Specialities BDSM Workshops and Private Coaching, presentations, and unique events. Contact email: phone: 310-425-4940

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Feb 092014
My Kinky Valentine: Creating a Perfectly Perverted V-Day

Valentine’s Day. A day of flowers and cards and shiny baubles given between paramours expressing their undying love and affection. Everywhere you go there are hearts and cherubs with wings and bows. And candy! It seems like about the most un-kinky holiday you could get. And yet…notice how the hearts don’t actually look like hearts? […]

Nov 082012
Breathing & Body Signals for Pain Play

Mistress Serene Ross shows her expertise in caning technique in this video on reading the subtle body signals of the bottom. From ball-wiggling to which stage of breathing causes the most pain, she explains clearly how she provides her bottoms with pleasurable and controlled scenes. Her demonstrations are as thorough as the explanations and you […]