Nov 092014
The Submissive Playground e-Course

Sinclair Sexsmith talks about the “Submissive Playground”, a website and course that can give people a chance to more deeply explore their submissive sides. Sinclair is the “resident dominant” and can help guide you through the course, or you can do it with your own partner. The course runs in various cycles, and is available […]

Sep 302014
NJOY Pure Wand - Part 1, "Fine Instruments of Pleasure"

Greg, the designer of the NJOY line of “fine instruments of pleasure”, talks about their flagship product. The “Pure Wand” is made of hard steel both for durability and to let you stimulate exactly the way you’d like. He demonstrates how the product is ergonomically efficient for both prostate and g-spot play, and also describes […]

Oct 312013
Dungeon Bags by Damon Dark

Want to not only keep your toys organized for your play but also look stylish? Damon Dark has created several lines of “Dungeon Bags” with a place for everything you need for your kinky play. He shows off several in this clip, including the “Elite” and the “Marquis”, and invites you to customize your own […]

Jan 052012
Playing Well With Others: A New Book by Lee Harrington & Mollena Williams

Lee Harrington and Mollena Williams tell the Kink Academy about their newest joint endeavour: Whether you’re a trembling novice or a jaded expert, there’s always something new to be discovered in the endlessly changing, complex and titillating world of kink. While there are plenty of other books out there that explain how to give a […]

Sep 282011
Center for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle

Savannah Sly from leads you on a tour of the Center for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle.At the CSPC, you can explore various expressions of kink, sexuality and intimacy in a safe, sexy environment with like minded people. Savannah caps off the tour with an interview of CSPC Director, Allena Gobasch.

Sep 012011
The Ultimate Kinky Lover

So, you think you’ve got what it takes to be the ultimate kinky lover? Being ultra hot and knowledgable about creative sexuality ain’t easy cadet! It takes hard work, sweat, brains, and a membership to Kink Academy dot com!!   Big thanks to Timmi for making this awesome Quick & Dirty video! Do YOU have […]

Jul 282011
Scott Paul Humiliator Gag System

Dominants, don’t you just hate it when your submissive blabs and blabs? Time to put that pie hole to good use! Check out the Humiliator Gag System by Scott Paul Designs. With so many attachments, you can utilize your sub’s mouth in countless ways. It’s productive, pervy, and put’s subs in their proper place!   […]

May 032011
Pendragon Chainmail

Jerry Hartung, owner and operator of Pendragon Chainmail, promotes his vast array of creative chainmail – skirts, whips, bracelets, belts, leashes, and much more – during this very brief vendor clip. As Jerry says, if you can think it, he can link it!

Mar 292011
Kink Academy Jingle

We’ve got a theme song! In this quick music video, the whole Kink Academy Team comes out to tell you about the glories of streaming kink education. Aren’t the Cheerleaders an impressive bunch? Share them with your friend! Brighten up someone’s day with this ridiculously catchy snippet.





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