Princess Kali
Professional Pervert Extraordinaire
Orientation: Kinky
Business: Founder of the Kink Academy, Passionate U, Fearless Press & Kink Positive
Location: Boston, MA



KA Team Member & Educator
Princess Kali is a foot-fetishist and lifestyle dominatrix with extensive experience in humiliation, corporal punishment, female supremacy and TPE play. Hailing from sunny California but now based in Boston, this young and vivacious blond hair, blue-eyed Domina is best known for the unique way she combines her sweet-natured appearance and natural charm with her insatiable appetite for cruelty and unbridled sadism. Transitioning into the BDSM community was a natural step for this dominant Diva, who has actively been cutting boys (and often girls) down to size her entire life.

Princess Kali has been lecturing on a variety of BDSM topics throughout the country since 2003 in the US and internationally. Presenting at such educational institutions as Harvard, RISD, and Brown University as well has Lifestyle venues such Black Rose, Fetish Flea Fair, Leather Retreat and Kink in the Caribbean has garnered Princess Kali respect in both the vanilla and kink worlds.

Always on the lookout for new and fabulous ways to explore her kinky creativity, Princess Kali spends much of her time working on her personal website; organizing Washington DC and New England’s monthly foot fetish events, Footnight; updating her line of FemDom DVDs; and, naturally, keeping her personal stable of willing sluts, submissives, and slaves in line.

Founding the Kink Academy in 2007 has allowed Princess Kali to reach an even broader audience in a more personal way, with her particular form of kink positive sex education, helping couples and singles reach a deeper understanding as well has a heightened creativity in their personal perversions.
Novice Introduction, Advancing Your Kink, 24/7 Relationships,
Service Training, Erotic Humilation, Foot Fetish, and much more!
Interested in Learning:
I'm currently teaching myself how to double whip (florentine whip) with two short whips. Once I get good with those I'll move onto longer ones. I will be a kinky circus act!
Recent Comments:
We checked on the backend and it's playing fine for us, so likely the difficulty is in your internet connection. You might want to try letting the whole clip load first, and then watch it :) - Styles of Dominance
A "kissing booth" was something frequently done at carnivals/festivals as a way of raising money (I don't think people really do them any more though :) It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like, someone would stand in the kissing booth and offer kisses for money! - Embarrass, Humiliate, Degrade, Objectify: Degradation in Depth
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I'm not sure what's happening for you, if you have a confirmed membership you should be able to see the videos. If it doesn't fix itself (you might want to try other videos to check) then please email (my awesome web admin) and he'll help you out! - Foot Fetish: Tickling
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Curriculum Lists:
Starting with Rope - If you've always thought rope was sexy, but aren't sure where to get started, this list is a good place! Basic ties, storage information, etc.
New to Domination - An important thing to remember about Domination...being a dominant does NOT mean being an asshole! Sharpen your skills & build your confidence and Dominance will come naturally.
New to Submission - Submission can take many forms, here's a suggested list of clips with a variety of perspectives and ideas for you to consider.
Adventures in Fetishes - There are SO many fetishes: objects of affection, scenerios of desire and fantasies galore! This is a selection of "intro" videos for a variety of fetishes.
Staying Healthy - Sexual well-being can contribute to over all well-being, and staying healthy can take many forms, from physical to psychological.
Fifty Shades of Grey - recommendation list - If you read Fifty Shades of Grey & found it inspiring your sexual interests this list will help you get started with some new kinky play! This list includes the basic BDSM activities that were featured in the book
Fifty Shades Darker - The 2nd book in the trilogy that has swept the nation adds a whole new level of kink. Want to learn how to do the sexy things in the book? This is a great place to start!
Fifty Shades Freed - video recommendations - From the last book in the 50 Shades trilogy a few more acts of "kinky fuckery" got thrown into the mix. Continue your bedroom education here!
Articulate While Fucking - These amazing educators manage to articulate while fucking, true sex education on every level!
Finding the right aftercare for you - Aftercare for everyone is important although it takes different forms for everyone. Sometimes it's emotional aftercare & sometimes it just means cleaning up the scene!