Nov 082014
Breast Milk Play: Lactating, Positions, Changes in Your Body

Penny Barber continues her series on breast milk play during this seven-minute video. She shows specific ways to facilitate milking and describes the ways that breasts change as a result of lactation. In addition to many other practical tips, Penny also notes a few of the most helpful positions for both parties to enhance breast […]

May 282014
Foreplay & More Play for Rough Sex: Hair Pulling & Slapping

Danarama continues his series on rough sex with this six-minute video. He shows how to warm up your partner(s) with safe and sexy hair pulling and slapping techniques. He demonstrates ways to pull hair, regardless of hair length; and he shows how to slap various body parts, with a detailed explanation of face slapping. Stay […]

Apr 232014
Rope Negotiation: Advanced Questions, Part 2

JP and Gray tackle one of the stickiest parts of rope negotiation in this clip: sex. What exactly defines sexual contact? How do you deal with unexpected sexual energy in a scene? Drawing from their personal experiences, these two rope tops continue their discussion of the knotty questions of rope scenes.

Apr 122014
Rope Negotiation: Advanced Questions, Part 1

In this first clip of a multi-part series, JP Robichaud (Ropenspace facilitator and rigger for the Keyhole Sessions in Toronto) and Graydancer talk about some of the finer points of negotiation, and how to work through common misunderstandings. This clip describes a technique developed by Jim Duvall (Seattle kink educator) for making sure all medical […]

Nov 222013
Breast Milk Play: Why, Safety, & Inducing Lactation

Penny Barber introduces lactation play during this eight-minute video. She notes the various motivations for breast milk play, observes the consistency and taste of breast milk, highlights important safety concerns for such play, and then describes ways to induce lactation. Penny continues her series on breast milk play in some upcoming clips.

Aug 312013
How to Talk to Your Sissy

Miss Simone talks in this clip about how language changes when you’re dominating a sissy boy. Instead of cocks and asses they have clits and pussies, and in general a more feminine (but no less dominant) tone helps to create the desired aura in this kind of play. This text is available for purchase but […]

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Jun 142013
The Many Moods of Bondage: Physical Triggers, Part 2

Murphy Blue continues to explain how the places and styles of applying even simple bondage harnesses can profoundly change the tenor of a scene. Are you going for the secure feeling of a hug, or the rough feeling of a capture? It’s not as much what you do as how you do it, and Murphy demonstrates the finer […]

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Jun 012013
Flogging: Paint the Fence Technique

Stormmy demonstrates the first technique in his flogging series, one he calls “paint the fence.” He goes into detail about the ergonomics of the throw as well as how the flogger impacts the body, and then demonstrates thoroughly on the lovely Miranda. This text is available for purchase but you need to login or register […]

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May 252013
Face-Up Suspension: Going Up

Part three of the Face-up suspension series covers the many factors that go into actually defying gravity. Topologist demonstrates safety and how to couple simple physics with body mechanics to suspend your partner with rope and carabiner. He also discusses some of the ways to make the suspension more comfortable for the bottom by using […]

May 202013
Full Contact Dom: Kicking & Trampling - Part 2

GrayDancer continues his Full Contact Dom series with more kicking and trampling during this six-minute, part-two video. He starts with some light tapping, trampling, and kicking of Ten, while she lies on her back. He then moves on to some pussy kicking. Gray comments on a host of related topics: safety, psychology, intensity, motivation, weight […]

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May 152013
Sharp is a Sensation Too: Vampire Gloves

Shanna Katz continues her series on sensation play – with vampire gloves – during this seven-minute video. She first describes vampire gloves and then discusses safety, cleanliness, and glove care. Shanna next demonstrates various ways to use the gloves for light sensation play all over your partner’s body. She explains how to incorporate heavier, impact […]