Aug 192015
Personal Responsibility and Consent in the Kink Community

While the “Safe, Sane, and Consensual” slogan has served the kink community well, more and more people are preferring to include the concept of “personal responsibility”. Even outside of kink people choose to do “unsafe” activities for fun – such as mountain biking – but the risk factor is reduced by taking simple personal precautions: […]

Apr 072015
What Kind of Non-Monogamy is for You? - Part 2

Marcia B. continues her discussion on non-monogamy during this four-minute, part-two video. In addition to encouraging you to identify the benefits and challenges of non-monogamy for you; she notes a host of motivations for open relationships so that you can better understand your desires and reasons for non-monogamy.

Apr 062015
What Kind of Non-Monogamy is for You? - Part 1

Most of us think we know what we’re talking about when it comes to monogamy, even though, from person to person and culture to culture, “monogamous” can mean something very different. That’s why Marcia B. begins her series on non-monogamy with a five-minute video on four types of monogamy: Sexual Monogamy, Emotional Monogamy, Social Monogamy, […]

Mar 282015
The Shadow Side of Eros: Sex Addiction/Compulsion – Part 4

Anita Wagner completes her four-part series on sex addiction/compulsion with this four-minute video. She mostly discusses the role of the internet as it relates to sexual addiction and compulsion. Anita also suggests healthy personal and communal supports for anyone affected by sexual addiction and compulsion.

Mar 182015
Sensory Deprivation on a Budget: What Now? Part 2

In part two Shae takes out the genital coverings and begins to use different tools to give different sensations. She uses a cleaver, a wartenburg wheel, and her own fingers to great effect, explaining how it’s the mental game as well as the physical that makes this kind of play so much fun.

Feb 272015
The Shadow Side of Eros: Sex Addiction/Compulsion – Part 3

Anita Wagner continues her series on sex addiction and compulsion with this part-three, eight-minute video. In this video she provides a straightforward reflection on what it is like to be the partner of a sex addict/compulsive. Anita discusses the many ways that a partner may respond to the difficulties, and she suggests ways that may […]

Feb 202015
Sensory Deprivation on a Budget: What Now? Part 1

Now that she’s all wrapped up, what is Shae going to do with her willing victim? In part one she talks about how breathing and other senses that are normally taken for granted get heightened during mummification. Shae also starts to cut out the pre-planned inserts to expose more of her bottom and plan even […]

Feb 112015
Sensory Deprivation on a Budget: Finishing the Wrap, Part 1

In part one of “Finishing the Wrap” Shae moves her bottom up onto the massage table and takes care of including the lower legs in the plastic wrap and duct tape. This involves a different technique than the upper body, and as usual Shae not only details the method but also has a lot of […]

Jan 052015
The Shadow Side of Eros: Sex Addiction/Compulsion – Part 2

Anita Wagner continues her series by discussing what may qualify as sexual addiction/compulsion during this six-minute, part-two video. She offers a long list of questions, with important comments and insights, to aid your reflection on your own or another’s behavior. In her third clip Anita talks about treatment options.

Jan 022015
Binding Without Twine: Gags

In this clip Shay shows how simple items like panties and ties can be turned into very effective gags. She also talks about what not to use (Stefanos is not too fond of fuzzy scarves) and also covers safety issues.

Dec 182014
Sensory Deprivation on a Budget: Unwrapping

When all the play is done, it’s time to release the bottom from the mummification and sensory deprivation. Luckily, since this is all cheap and disposable material, all you need are a good pair of safety shears and the techniques Shae shows in this clip!

Dec 102014
Sexually Dominant Kissing: The Mapping

Scotty and Annie are getting hot and heavy with their series on dominant kissing. In this video Scotty both explains and demonstrates the technique of kissing along the borders and “interesting contours” of your partner’s body. He explains that this can show intent and dominance at the same time and Annie happily agrees.

Dec 052014
Sensory Deprivation on a Budget: Finishing the Wrap, Part 2

In part two of “Finishing the Wrap” Shae finally takes care of the feet, carefully wrapping all the way to the tips of the toes with plastic wrap and duct tape.

Nov 082014
Breast Milk Play: Lactating, Positions, Changes in Your Body

Penny Barber continues her series on breast milk play during this seven-minute video. She shows specific ways to facilitate milking and describes the ways that breasts change as a result of lactation. In addition to many other practical tips, Penny also notes a few of the most helpful positions for both parties to enhance breast […]