Oct 132014
Grabbing the Throat and Neck

In many clips showing various kinds of roughhousing Graydancer and other tops on Kink Academy will put their hands and arms around necks. This is not a haphazard process, and in this video Gray shows the safety considerations when putting someone in “choke” holds. The secret: they don’t actually choke at all! He and Poetic [...]

Aug 212014
Alternate Florentine Flogging Style

Now that he’s shown you the flashy regular florentine, Sir Nik Satanas changes to a more practical frame of mind. With some subtle alterations this kind of technique can set up a “metronome” effect on shoulders and ass. With the aid of his beautiful partner as well as some slow-motion, Sir Nik walks you through [...]

Aug 022014
Sexy Bootblacking: Building Your Kit

In this clip Poetic Desires talks about the various components of a bootblack kit, starting from the outer bag all the way into the polishes, cremes, brushes, and other implements of leather care. She also goes into resources for finding these materials, and emphasizes the need to talk to other bootblacks to learn more about [...]

Aug 012014
Ideas for D/s Protocol, Sexy & Pragmatic, Part 2

In this clip Sinclair Sexsmith heads into the pragmatic areas of D/s protocol such as doing dishes, laundry, or even the way coffee is served. Sinclair gives solid suggestions as well as the reasoning behind them so that you can come up with your own hot & sexy D/s protocol.

Jul 212014
Ideas for D/s Protocol: Sexy & Pragmatic

Sinclair Sexsmith talks more about the idea of a healthy D/s relationship in regards to setting up protocols. They start with the sexy in this clip, such as lingerie, erotic talismans, and the like. This text is available for purchase but you need to login or register first.Register & Purchase  Purchase Only

This text is available for purchase but you need to login or register first.
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Jul 182014
Male Domination, Female Submission: Kneeling Adaptive Techniques

In the second video on adapting techniques when your physiques are similar Scotty and Alex move to the knees. Scotty shows how the back is the key to controlling the submissive’s position and how he uses his own body to dominate the situation when she’s on her knees. With a combination of safety and hotness [...]

Jul 112014
Sexy Bootblacking: What Is It?

Poetic Desires kicks off a series on “Sexy Bootblacking” with this clip. She talks about why she enjoys bootblacking, different motivations for this kind of leather care, and some of the legends of where this kind of play originated.

Jul 102014
Levels of Protocol

Stefanos and Shay share in this clip how they handle their power exchange relationship in various environments. This includes both “toning it down” in public and also ramping it up in private, with subtle cues for each other to communicate the desire for a stronger sense of protocol wherever they are.

Jul 032014
Why Figure Out Your S-Type?

Sinclair Sexsmith begins a series on the “little letter” side of the dominant/submissive relationship. They talk about different ways that can be appealing, as well as some of the conventions such as protocols that go into a relationship. This is all leading into the “why” – which Sinclair points out is to get turned on [...]

Jun 272014
Defining Levels of Protocol

Mistress Melissa begins her series on protocol by going over the various levels and types of protocol that you might want in your relationship. She describes different situations where you might want to enforce certain behaviors and others where you wouldn’t, and encourages you to watch all the videos to pick and choose what you’d [...]

Jun 262014
Male Domination, Female Submission: Standing Adaptive Techniques

In the clips with Scotty and Annie, a big part of the domination is in the size difference between the two. What happens to the techniques if there is not the same physical relationship? In this series of clips Scotty talks about how to adapt the dominant body mechanics with the voluptuous Alex. He begins [...]

May 282014
Foreplay & More Play for Rough Sex: Hair Pulling & Slapping

Danarama continues his series on rough sex with this six-minute video. He shows how to warm up your partner(s) with safe and sexy hair pulling and slapping techniques. He demonstrates ways to pull hair, regardless of hair length; and he shows how to slap various body parts, with a detailed explanation of face slapping. Stay [...]

May 082014
How to Do a Check-In During Bondage

Shay and Stefanos talk in this clip about how you can both be safe and sexy when communicating during a bondage scene. They model three different ways to “check in” with your partner that can make sure everything’s copacetic while still maintaining the mood.





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