Feb 092015
When a Man Wears a Strap-On: Part 2

If you add a harness and strap-on to the male partner in kinky sex, all sorts of possibilities open up. Shay and Stefanos talk about both sides of power exchange play, humiliation role-play, and even techniques for impact play. Stefanos also reiterates some of the safety considerations and special advantages that using a strap-on gives […]

Dec 012014
Practical Examples for Mixing Kinky Play with Sex Part 2

In Part 2 Kitty continues to explain how to take simple ideas and turn them into entire kinky scenes. She talks about the power exchange possible with a little public exhibitionism or even aggressive oral sex. She also goes into how some effort put into your own appearance and your environment can help make a […]

Nov 212014
Practical Examples of Mixing Kinky Play with Sex, Part 1

Kitty Stryker takes kink out of the realm of fantasy and describes ways you can bring it into your relationships in this first of a two-part video series. She describes several common fantasies such as foot and shoe fetish, spanking, or bondage and puts a realistic twist on them, showing how easy it is to […]

Nov 082014
Breast Milk Play: Lactating, Positions, Changes in Your Body

Penny Barber continues her series on breast milk play during this seven-minute video. She shows specific ways to facilitate milking and describes the ways that breasts change as a result of lactation. In addition to many other practical tips, Penny also notes a few of the most helpful positions for both parties to enhance breast […]

Sep 192014
Sex & Disability: Finding the Positives

In this clip Wintersong talks about finding the positive aspects of playing with a disability. While the focus is on the more kinky aspects of sexuality, it’s easy to extrapolate to the simple act of sex. For example, a person with fibromyalgia was able to enjoy the heightened sensitivity, and another with an artificial limb […]

Aug 302014
Sex & Disability: Accommodations & Substitutions

In this clip Wintersong discusses various ways to get the same feeling of an activity with a partner without adverse effects by carefully selecting the right equipment. He gives several examples of ways that creative exploration can work around the limitations of a disability.

Aug 082014
Creating Protocols that Work for You

Sinclair Sexsmith loves creating protocols for both dominants and submissives. All too often, though, the partners in a D/s relationship try to adopt the protocols they think they should follow rather than discovering the ones that actually turn them on. Sinclair gives some guidelines and ideas for how to come up with the protocols that […]

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Jul 232014
Race Play: Negotiation

Now that she’s laid out the parameters of race play, Mollena Williams wants to talk to you about negotiating this type of scene. First and foremost, she says, the negotiation has to be with yourself, before you ever get in touch with a potential partner. She explains how to go about developing that kind of […]

Jul 142014
Introduction to Race Play

Mollena Williams dares to explore one of the most dark and controversial kinks in this series: playing with fantasies of race and ethnic inequality. She begins by clarifying what race play is and what it isn’t. She invites you to think about why exactly you’re wanting to do this kind of scene, and what you […]

Jun 162014
Sex & Disability: Explaining Your Circumstances

In a previous clip Wintersong talked about various questions for a partner to ask a potential playmate with a disability. But what should the person with the disability be prepared to discuss? This clip covers how to address some of the specifics as well as how to interpret the answers that you might get.

Apr 212014
Talking to Your Partner About Kink: Do

Kitty Stryker has already talked extensively about how not to talk to your partner about kink. But how about some positive suggestions? This long clip tells you many ways to express your fantasies and curiosity to your partner, both in theoretical and concrete terms. Between the two clips your communication skills for kink can really […]

Feb 032014
Being Shy: Online

Mollena William talks about how setting up an online persona can help you overcome your shyness towards the kink community. You have control of your persona as well as how much you interact with the people online, and that can be an effective way to deal with social anxiety. She also recommends having a buddy […]

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Dec 022013
Under Consideration: Vetting Your Dominant

It’s not unheard of to check on the references of a dominant under consideration – in fact, Mollena argues, it’s a pretty good idea. She talks about what kinds of questions to ask, both of the dominant and of the people that they recommend. Failing that, there’s always the old fashioned idea of “dating” – […]