Sep 152014
Race Play: Finding the Right Partner

Mollena tackles the tricky subject of finding the right partner for your race play fantasies. She talks about the process of dialogue and broaching the subject, as well as what she considers warning signs. Mollena also explains why mutual respect and trust can be even more essential for this kind of play.

Sep 132014
Play Piercing: Removing the Needles

Once the needles go in, they have to come out, right? Shay and Stefanos demonstrate the basics in this video, explaining some of the physical effects (both sensation and blood) and how to safely dispose of the needles. They also demonstrate some of the more fun ways to play with taking the steel out from [...]

Sep 062014
Rough Foreplay: The Throat & Neck

Scotty and Annie delve into the finer points of including the throat and neck in your consensual fantasy role-play. Starting with determining the “sensitive” spots, Scotty takes you step-by-step through different techniques with enthusiastic commentary by Annie.

Sep 042014
Play Piercing: From the Other Side

In prior videos most of the talking was by the tops, but in this clip Jade gets to tell her side. She talks about what the different techniques felt like as well as why she enjoys this type of play in general. She also explains that she’s ready to do more!

Aug 302014
Sex & Disability: Accommodations & Substitutions

In this clip Wintersong discusses various ways to get the same feeling of an activity with a partner without adverse effects by carefully selecting the right equipment. He gives several examples of ways that creative exploration can work around the limitations of a disability.

Aug 162014
Play Piercing: Squirming

The various sensations that can happen under the needles can lead to some very wiggly and squirming bottoms. Shay and Stefanos, along with Jade’s willing body, show how to both deal with this and also inspire it when it’s wanted.

Aug 042014
Play Piercing: Other Play Techniques

One of the best part of needle play is the wide variety of possibilities for sensation in play. In this clip Shay & Stefanos show several different ways to elicit sensation and play with both the way the needles go in and the way they come out. Jade also gives feedback on how it feels [...]

Jul 242014
Play Piercing: Handling Needle Sticks

What happens if you stick yourself unintentionally with a needle? This common accident is often blown out of proportion, but should be treated with specific steps to insure safety. Shay goes over the risks and the treatment in this video.

Jul 232014
Race Play: Negotiation

Now that she’s laid out the parameters of race play, Mollena Williams wants to talk to you about negotiating this type of scene. First and foremost, she says, the negotiation has to be with yourself, before you ever get in touch with a potential partner. She explains how to go about developing that kind of [...]

Jul 032014
Why Figure Out Your S-Type?

Sinclair Sexsmith begins a series on the “little letter” side of the dominant/submissive relationship. They talk about different ways that can be appealing, as well as some of the conventions such as protocols that go into a relationship. This is all leading into the “why” – which Sinclair points out is to get turned on [...]

Jul 022014
Play Piercing: Endorphin Buttons

One of the more specific and fun techniques in play piercing is a crossed-needle spot on the body. When pressed the sensation can be very intense. These “endorphin buttons” are a favorite of needle play enthusiasts, and in this clip Stefanos, Shay, and Jade show just how to create and play with them.

Jun 162014
Sex & Disability: Explaining Your Circumstances

In a previous clip Wintersong talked about various questions for a partner to ask a potential playmate with a disability. But what should the person with the disability be prepared to discuss? This clip covers how to address some of the specifics as well as how to interpret the answers that you might get.

Jun 122014
Play Piercing: Needle Tips

Now that they’ve shown you the basics, Shay and Stefanos go into some of the finer tips (pun intended) and tricks for making a play piercing scene fun. This includes putting interesting caps (like robot erasers) on the ends, creating interesting sensations, and more!

Jun 042014
Knife Play: Introduction

Orpheus Black begins a series of clips on knife play with an overview that covers the types of blades he prefers. He goes over the differences such as fixed versus folding blades, types of steel, and even weight and size. He also covers other types of cutting implements like straight razors.

Jun 012014
Play Piercing: Getting Started

All the preparations are done, and Shay and Stefanos are ready to start piercing! This is the clip where they show the actual technique. This includes prepping the area to pierce, selecting and opening the needle, and how to manage the actual piercing to keep your scene exciting.





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