Mar 162015
Sexy Sensations: Introducing a Leather Flogger

Scotty and Annie share the wilder side of sexy sensation in this clip with a beautiful leather flogger. They show how it doesn’t have to be used to hit at all, but can be stroked and “dropped” against the skin for a variety of enjoyable effects. Scotty draws it up and down her body, reveling […]

Mar 092015
Pervertibles: Sensation Play, Part 2

Most of the time people don’t think of personal fans as sex toys, but Iris Enchanted can turn it into both a sensation of a cool breeze as well as the fear of the rotating blades! She also talks about the fun of “soft and fuzzy” sensations and the ways that hot and cold can […]

Feb 282015
NJoy Pure Plugs: Part 3, "All About Anal"

Greg shows off the third product in the NJoy line. Designed purely for anal play, the stainless-steel plugs come in several sizes. He shows how the curve and shape of the instrument is carefully thought out to give optimal pleasure, and how the size and weight can also contribute to the fun of ass play.

Feb 262015
Sexy Sensations: Chains

Scotty and Annie demonstrate the sensual potential of adding a simple length of chain to your toy collection. Scotty explains how to use both the texture and the sounds of the chain to maximum effect, gracefully combining both safety and sexuality as he uses the chain to stimulate Annie in a variety of ways.

Jan 232015
Sensory Deprivation on a Budget: From the Other Side, Part 2

In Part 2, Shae and Sam talk more deeply about the kind of trusting relationship necessary to play with this level of sensory deprivation. They also talk with Princess Kali about the kinds of toys used and how what they did in the scene is not a beginner-level kind of play.

Jan 172015
Mommy Play: The Taboo

In part 2 of her series Goddess Helena talks about how she found out about this kind of consensual adult role play. She remarks that it seems to be a taboo within the kink community (unlike Daddy play) and explains why there are aspects of this kind of fantasy power exchange with maternal instincts that […]

Nov 242014
Sensory Deprivation on a Budget: From the Other Side, Part 1

In Part 1, Sam, Shae’s bottom for this series, talks about how the different stages of the Sensory-Deprivation-on-a-Budget felt. It was the first time she’d been this intensely cut off from the world, and she talks frankly about it felt both physically and psychologically. With Princess Kali asking questions as well, the three enjoy the […]

Nov 102014
Rough Body Play: Controlling the Body

In the demo scene Roughinamorato moved Ay’s body in ways that both made her more vulnerable to what he did but also kept her safe from accidents. In this clip Rough explains some of the body mechanics and techniques that allowed him to do this kind of play.It includes using the hair (when available), the […]

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Sep 292014
Race Play: Aftercare

In the final segment in her race play series, Mollena talks about the all-important subject of aftercare. She starts by emphasizing that especially for this kind of edgy play, both the top and the bottom need to have not only aftercare but also “during-care.” Mollena also brings up one of the unusual aspects of race […]

Sep 152014
Race Play: Finding the Right Partner

Mollena tackles the tricky subject of finding the right partner for your race play fantasies. She talks about the process of dialogue and broaching the subject, as well as what she considers warning signs. Mollena also explains why mutual respect and trust can be even more essential for this kind of play.

Sep 082014
S&M From the Knees Down: Ankles to Toes

Julian Wolf continues to describe the wonders of the lower limbs in your kinky play by showing off the ankles and toes. These are more delicate than shins, and as lovely as Savannah’s are it’s more important to notice where you need to avoid heavy impact. Julian offers many things that you can do, however, […]

Sep 052014
Race Play: More Than You Bargained For

What happens when things go wrong in a race play scene? Mollena uses a very personal and vivid account of her own experience to show how things can go awry and how she used it as a means of self-knowledge and growth. She covers several aspects, including the idea of aftercare, and how the hard […]

Aug 282014
Race Play: Getting Started

Now that she’s gone over the philosophical and psychological and social considerations for race play, Mollena gets into the fun stuff with this clip: setting up your race play scene. She goes over ideas like humor and “gently” going into it, and also describes several scenarios where “race” can be an issue outside of a […]