Apr 092014
Humiliation Play: Know Your Partner

Thrash talks about one of the most important aspects of humiliation play: a thorough knowledge of your partner. It’s not only necessary so that you know what areas not to play around in; it’s also the best way to know exactly what areas will lead to the hottest play. It takes time, though, and a [...]

Feb 172014
Play Piercing: Other Negotiation Needs

Now that you’ve seen the demonstration of negotiation, it’s important to remember that it’s only one example. In this clip Shay goes over the particular issues that you need to consider beyond the standard negotiation for a play scene. These include things like aftercare, dealing with blood, possible marks, and more. This is essential knowledge [...]

Feb 122014
Play Piercing: Negotiation Demo

Ever wonder how a negotiation for a needle play scene might go? Shay and Jade model exactly that, asking questions not only about the kind of scene they want to have but also about boundaries, medical histories, relationships, and many other concerns. Watch and see if there’s things you might not have expected them to [...]

Jan 312014
Unusual Fetishes: Coping with Unfeasability

Once you’ve worked out what your unusual fetish is, and perhaps even made it through the conversation with your partner, there’s still the chance that the “unusual” part of it makes it hard to experience. This may be for a variety of reasons from the legal to the physical to the emotional. Wintersong talks about [...]

Jan 242014
Boundary Smackdown Part 3: Pushing the Edge

In part three Mollena talks about the idea of edge play. This isn’t one particular kind of play – something as “simple” as spitting, for example, pushes Mollena’s own edge. She explains that “edgeplay” simply means “whatever scares you” – which means you don’t have to have “velociraptors rushing at your head at 90mph” to [...]

Dec 252013
Boundary Smackdown Part 1: Hard & Soft Limits

In the first episode of this four-part series, Mollena Williams discusses the idea of hard and soft limits and when you might want to push them. It’s certainly useful to maintain your boundaries, of course, but sometimes that thing you fear is also what excites you, and that’s where Mollena thinks you need to give [...]

Dec 212013
Web Frame Bondage: Introduction

Danarama begins an extensive tutorial on using a frame to create “spider-web” bondage with this clip. In it, he goes over the structural requirements for the frame (such as this one) as well as the reasons you might want to do this kind of bondage in the first place.

Dec 162013
Ways Submissives Can Help Guide a Scene

In this clip Shay & Stefanos bring up some ways that you can improve your playing ability by learning to give and read nonverbal and verbal cues in a scene. By phrasing requests in a certain way, or using their body language to communicate both consent and pleasure, submissives can contribute to the dynamic of [...]

Nov 222013
Setting Up a Playdate When You've Just Met

A common occurrence at events is for people to meet, strike up a conversation, discover mutual interests, and get right into playing. Unfortunately, this can often lead to misunderstandings due to a lack of information about boundaries or what both people want out of the scene. While it’s sexy to think “it’ll all work out,” [...]





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