Jul 232014
Race Play: Negotiation

Now that she’s laid out the parameters of race play, Mollena Williams wants to talk to you about negotiating this type of scene. First and foremost, she says, the negotiation has to be with yourself, before you ever get in touch with a potential partner. She explains how to go about developing that kind of [...]

Jul 142014
Introduction to Race Play

Mollena Williams dares to explore one of the most dark and controversial kinks in this series: playing with fantasies of race and ethnic inequality. She begins by clarifying what race play is and what it isn’t. She invites you to think about why exactly you’re wanting to do this kind of scene, and what you [...]

Jul 112014
Sexy Bootblacking: What Is It?

Poetic Desires kicks off a series on “Sexy Bootblacking” with this clip. She talks about why she enjoys bootblacking, different motivations for this kind of leather care, and some of the legends of where this kind of play originated.

Jul 092014
Knife Play: Basic Positions, Part 3

Orpheus Black goes over a third way to do knife play: with the bottom standing, using the serrated edge of the blade sensually over her back. He demonstrates the careful technique while she demonstrates the fun reactions you can get when you play with knives like this.

Jun 302014
Knife Play: Basic Positions, Part 2

Orpheus Black takes things horizontal with this clip where he shows knifeplay on the legs. He explains how to position and hold your bottom for maximum safety and access and also covers techniques for holding the blade. Orpheus also talks about the different sensations possible with this kind of position.

Jun 142014
Knife Play: Basic Positions, Part 1

The first technique Orpheus Black uses to teach about sensation play with blades involves immobilizing his partner’s arm and using the tip of the blade along the sensitive inner skin. He shows it from several angles and also covers the various concerns for safety.

Jun 062014
Hands-On Impact Play: Wrap Up

In this final video Shae does a quick overview of the many topics she covered in the previous videos. This includes punching, kicking, slapping, pain processing, check ins, safety, and much more. Shae ends the series with a testimonial as to why she and her bottom CJ enjoy this kind of play so much. It’s [...]

Jun 042014
Knife Play: Introduction

Orpheus Black begins a series of clips on knife play with an overview that covers the types of blades he prefers. He goes over the differences such as fixed versus folding blades, types of steel, and even weight and size. He also covers other types of cutting implements like straight razors.

May 262014
Hands-On Impact Play: Reading Your Bottom

This video is a departure from the lecture format of Shae’s previous clips. She goes into what is basically a scene with her bottom, demonstrating all the impact, ramping up, and other techniques. At the same time you see her check in with her bottom in various ways, from skin texture and temperature to noises. [...]

May 212014
Flogging: Multiple Floggers

One fun way to change up the sensations of a flogging scene is to use more than one flogger at a time. Dov talks about the logistics of trying to hold multiple handles when swinging, and also describes how using different materials (such as elk and deerskin) can add to the fun. In the end [...]

May 192014
Sex & Disability: Questions to Ask

Wintersong continues his series on sex and disability with this five-minute video. He discusses empowering questions to ask a partner with a disability so to enhance the safety and enjoyment of your sexual play. Wintersong suggests several specific questions and offers tips on how to have such important conversations. Stay tuned for much more in [...]

May 162014
Hands-On Impact Play: Kicking

Mistress Shae gets down a bit lower in this clip, rocking her converse all-stars as she kicks her bottom. She talks about technique, safety, targets of opportunity for both standing and kneeling bottoms along the way. Shae’s big smile throughout the video shows just how much she enjoys adding some “feet-on” impact play.

May 072014
Hands-On Impact Play: Punching the Legs & Groin

Moving on down the body, Shae gives examples of various ways to hit the quadriceps and groin area. She shows how the earlier “boxing nun” technique works well in both of these to both safely and severely impact the bottom. Shae also addresses safety issues but focuses mainly on the sensuality of the experience.





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