Sep 092015
A Rope Bondage Primer

“Wow, it was amazing…I was slung up in this reverse-prayer Naka-style TK using 4-mil jute from Bastard when I felt my radial nerve go ‘ping’ and she activated my scalenes and it fixed the tension before I even had to say anything! I dropped into subspace completely but we didn’t want to hog the rig so she spun […]

Mar 052015
Sexy Sensations: Rope

Annie enjoys the soft touch of natural-fiber rope as expertly applied by Scotty in this video. He talks about how this simple object can be used all over the skin to heighten awareness and stimulate your partner, then demonstrates just how simple and powerful it can be.

Feb 162015
More Than TK: The Tengu Chest Harness, Part 3

In the final segment Murphy Blue completes the symmetry of this particular tie. This includes finally tightening the first cross-rope, which intensifies the pressure of the whole harness (to Cannonball’s delight). The two of them also discuss and show a few of the possibilities for play with the Tengu.

Feb 122015
The Multi-Scene, Part 9: Ending the Scene

Aftercare! How do you come out of a multi-scene? Poetic and Gray show how the action doesn’t have to stop just because you’re taking off the ropes. They show how to be safe (there’s still a lit cigar) and also connected as you bring the scene to a close.

Feb 072015
More Than TK: the Tengu Chest Harness, Part 2

In part 2 Murphy secures the ropes to Cannonball’s bicep and then begins taking it around the waist. He gives up-close instruction on the various kinds of knots that are used to create the points of the harness.

Feb 022015
The Multi-Scene, Part 8: Bringing It All Together

Now that they have all the pieces in place, Gray and Poetic stop talking to the camera and show just how this kind of scene might play out. With some dirty talk and some orgasm control added into the mix, you get to see Poetic come to the climax of the scene in a beautiful […]

Jan 242015
More than TK: The Tengu Chest Harness, Part 1

When you’re looking for a harness that will restrain the upper body, you can go beyond the “box tie” or takate-kote that many rope enthusiasts use. In this video Murphy Blue begins to show the “tengu” tie, which leaves the front of the chest free while completely restraining the arms, wrists, and back.

Jan 212015
Making Jute Bondage Rope, Part 5

In the final segment of his series, M0co shows how to finish the final spin of the three strands and then remove the excess tension in order to make it fall more cleanly when used for tying. He leaves the process of conditioning the rope for future clips, but invites you to ask any questions […]

Jan 172015
The Multi-Scene, Part 7: Finishing the Boot

“Sometimes the point is to interrupt her,” Graydancer explains in this clip. While Poetic is trying to finish off his boot with the bootblack’s favorite Hubbard’s Leather Conditioner, he is distracting her with cigar, rope, rough body play, and some good old-fashioned face-fucking as they get closer to finishing their scene.

Jan 052015
Making Jute Bondage Rope, Part 4

In part 4 of his series on hand-spinning jute bondage rope, M0co starts the actual twisting of the yarn. He shows how important using a variable speed drill is in the process, as well as how he uses his “rope walk” to mark off the tension preference of his customers.

Dec 192014
Making Jute Bondage Rope, Part 3

In part 3 M0co actually makes use of the “rope walk” by measuring and tensioning the twine. It is a painstaking and careful process, and he goes through it step-by-step so you can try it for yourself.

Dec 152014
The Multi-Scene, Part 6: Bootblack Play

There are many ways to play with bootblacking – sometimes as a service, sometimes as a dominant, or the way Poetic does it in this clip, with an emphasis on connection and play. She goes through the usual bootblacking steps but with many other sensations from rope, from the cigar, and even some sexual and […]

Dec 112014
Making Jute Bondage Rope, Part 2

In part 2, M0co talks about the workspace and tools needed for rope making. These include the space for your “rope walk”, a twine feeding mechanism, and a power drill. He talks extensively about the ways to acquire or create these, including some “super secret” tips!

Dec 042014
Making Jute Bondage Rope, Part 1

M0co of begins a series on how to hand-spin natural fiber ropes. In this segment he talks about the importance of picking the right twine and the different choices you have. He also discusses sources for twine and his own motivations for going into the rope-making business.