Apr 132014
Foreplay & More Play for Rough Sex: Scratching & Spitting

Danarama continues his series on rough sex during this four-minute video. He discusses creative and multi-purpose ways to incorporate fingernail scratching and spitting into your sexual play. Danarama also covers negotiation, marks, positions, techniques, and more. Stay tuned for additional rough sex clips as well.

Apr 092014
Humiliation Play: Know Your Partner

Thrash talks about one of the most important aspects of humiliation play: a thorough knowledge of your partner. It’s not only necessary so that you know what areas not to play around in; it’s also the best way to know exactly what areas will lead to the hottest play. It takes time, though, and a [...]

Mar 192014
Multi-Person Suspension, Part 6: Hitching the 1st Bottom & Chest Harness for 2nd

The next steps in Murphy’s multi-person suspension series are to connect his first bottom’s harness to the frame with a hitch and then begin the chest harness on the second. He takes you step-by-step through the creation of a different harness, including some detailed explanations of why the principles of the harness work. Throughout the [...]

Jan 312014
Unusual Fetishes: Coping with Unfeasability

Once you’ve worked out what your unusual fetish is, and perhaps even made it through the conversation with your partner, there’s still the chance that the “unusual” part of it makes it hard to experience. This may be for a variety of reasons from the legal to the physical to the emotional. Wintersong talks about [...]

Jan 182014
Sensory Deprivation: Communication

Before Shae puts her bottom in the “big burly hood”, it’s important that they establish a signal. This could be to show distress, to suggest an adjustment, or simply to let Shae know that something is up. She covers various ways this can work, as well as going over some other safety considerations in sense [...]

Jan 172014
Unusual Fetish: Solo Play, Part 2

Now that Wintersong has covered the theoretical parts of “unusual fetishes”, he gets into the practicality of creating a solo scene for yourself. He brings up the not-so-obvious point that by being unusual, your fetish may not be as clear on things like safety and process. Using personal experience as well as some application of [...]

Dec 302013
Multi-Person Suspension Part 2: Assessment

In part 2 Murphy goes over some more aspects of evaluating your hard point and frame. Then he brings in the “soft ingredients”: his two models. They discuss their physical condition as well as the psychological parts of the suspension to come. Finally Murphy cautions you that this is NOT meant to replace in-person rope [...]

Dec 182013
Multi-Person Suspension Part 1: Equipment

World-class bondage performer & rope evangelist Murphy Blue begins a series on suspending multiple people with this thorough overview of the equipment he uses. He begins with the most important element – the rigger’s mind – and goes on to talk about frames, hard points, safety gear, additional hardware, and of course, rope. Murphy also [...]

Nov 282013
Assertive Negotiation Tips for Submissives

Stefanos and Shay pack this super-size clip with tips that can help a submissive (and by extension, the dominant) ask the right questions and set the right limits during negotiation to have a fantastic scene. They discuss common strategies that work and common mistakes that don’t, and as a special treat you get to hear [...]

Nov 252013
Sensory Deprivation: Preparation & Safety

Like most kinks, there’s an element of danger to sensory deprivation. Before “diving into the deep end” Shae Flanigan wants you to check on your equipment and make other preparations to minimize the risks. She goes over the play equipment, the safety measures to keep in mind, and even the preparation your bottom needs to [...]

Nov 222013
Breast Milk Play: Why, Safety, & Inducing Lactation

Penny Barber introduces lactation play during this eight-minute video. She notes the various motivations for breast milk play, observes the consistency and taste of breast milk, highlights important safety concerns for such play, and then describes ways to induce lactation. Penny continues her series on breast milk play in some upcoming clips.





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