Mar 202015
Bind Without Twine: Safety for Tops

There are many safety concerns when you’re playing with bondage, and some of them are particular for the tops. Where you tie someone, how you evaluate the risk of nerve damage, and the all-important “never leave a bottom alone!” are covered in this clip with good explanations of why. Shay also talks about the importance […]

Jan 192015
Pervertibles: Travel Sadist Kit, Part 2

Iris continues to talk about the things she brings with her when traveling that the TSA never looks twice at. Chopsticks and rubber bands make great nipple torture devices, plastic toys for kneeling ordeals, and of course pencils and duct tape give you the ability to have great scenes wherever you travel.

Jan 152015
Pervertibles: Travel Sadist Kit, Part 1

One of the great advantages of pervertibles is that it means you can bring all the essential elements of a scene in your carry-on when flying! In these clips Iris talks about the ingredients of her own sadistic box for travel, including things like rice, thumbtacks, a sewing kit, and evil tweezers!

Jan 022015
Binding Without Twine: Gags

In this clip Shay shows how simple items like panties and ties can be turned into very effective gags. She also talks about what not to use (Stefanos is not too fond of fuzzy scarves) and also covers safety issues.

Nov 102014
Rough Body Play: Controlling the Body

In the demo scene Roughinamorato moved Ay’s body in ways that both made her more vulnerable to what he did but also kept her safe from accidents. In this clip Rough explains some of the body mechanics and techniques that allowed him to do this kind of play.It includes using the hair (when available), the […]

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Nov 082014
Breast Milk Play: Lactating, Positions, Changes in Your Body

Penny Barber continues her series on breast milk play during this seven-minute video. She shows specific ways to facilitate milking and describes the ways that breasts change as a result of lactation. In addition to many other practical tips, Penny also notes a few of the most helpful positions for both parties to enhance breast […]

Oct 132014
Grabbing the Throat and Neck

In many clips showing various kinds of roughhousing Graydancer and other tops on Kink Academy will put their hands and arms around necks. This is not a haphazard process, and in this video Gray shows the safety considerations when putting someone in “choke” holds. The secret: they don’t actually choke at all! He and Poetic […]

Sep 052014
Race Play: More Than You Bargained For

What happens when things go wrong in a race play scene? Mollena uses a very personal and vivid account of her own experience to show how things can go awry and how she used it as a means of self-knowledge and growth. She covers several aspects, including the idea of aftercare, and how the hard […]

Jul 182014
Male Domination, Female Submission: Kneeling Adaptive Techniques

In the second video on adapting techniques when your physiques are similar Scotty and Alex move to the knees. Scotty shows how the back is the key to controlling the submissive’s position and how he uses his own body to dominate the situation when she’s on her knees. With a combination of safety and hotness […]

Jun 262014
Male Domination, Female Submission: Standing Adaptive Techniques

In the clips with Scotty and Annie, a big part of the domination is in the size difference between the two. What happens to the techniques if there is not the same physical relationship? In this series of clips Scotty talks about how to adapt the dominant body mechanics with the voluptuous Alex. He begins […]

May 282014
Foreplay & More Play for Rough Sex: Hair Pulling & Slapping

Danarama continues his series on rough sex with this six-minute video. He shows how to warm up your partner(s) with safe and sexy hair pulling and slapping techniques. He demonstrates ways to pull hair, regardless of hair length; and he shows how to slap various body parts, with a detailed explanation of face slapping. Stay […]

May 122014
Humiliation Play: Things to Consider

Before you begin a humiliation scene, Thrash has some suggestions for you to keep in mind. The first of these is remembering that this is “edge play”, and it takes a lot of honesty and care to make it both a hot scene and also a safe one. He goes over several factors to work […]