Mar 302015
Mommy Play: Why It's Hot

In their final clip Goddess Helena and Nicki go into detail about why they find this kind of consensual role-play fantasy so enjoyable. They talk about their psychological, emotional, and physical sensations, and how they have created a special adult relationship through Mommy play.

Mar 272015
Mommy Play: Power Switch

What happens when the fantasy is about the mommy being the submissive one in the relationship? Goddess Helena talks about this kind of role-play which is not terribly common but, she attests, can be incredibly erotic.

Mar 202015
Bind Without Twine: Safety for Tops

There are many safety concerns when you’re playing with bondage, and some of them are particular for the tops. Where you tie someone, how you evaluate the risk of nerve damage, and the all-important “never leave a bottom alone!” are covered in this clip with good explanations of why. Shay also talks about the importance […]

Nov 082014
Breast Milk Play: Lactating, Positions, Changes in Your Body

Penny Barber continues her series on breast milk play during this seven-minute video. She shows specific ways to facilitate milking and describes the ways that breasts change as a result of lactation. In addition to many other practical tips, Penny also notes a few of the most helpful positions for both parties to enhance breast […]

Sep 292014
Race Play: Aftercare

In the final segment in her race play series, Mollena talks about the all-important subject of aftercare. She starts by emphasizing that especially for this kind of edgy play, both the top and the bottom need to have not only aftercare but also “during-care.” Mollena also brings up one of the unusual aspects of race […]

May 312014
Multi-Person Suspension Part 10: Coming Down

As fun as it is to suspend, what goes up must come down. Murphy explains how to take the models safely and quickly to the ground, giving examples of how to cooperate with each other and also how to deal with uncooperative ropes. At the end the three head off for “multi-person aftercare”, an exercise […]

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May 282014
Foreplay & More Play for Rough Sex: Hair Pulling & Slapping

Danarama continues his series on rough sex with this six-minute video. He shows how to warm up your partner(s) with safe and sexy hair pulling and slapping techniques. He demonstrates ways to pull hair, regardless of hair length; and he shows how to slap various body parts, with a detailed explanation of face slapping. Stay […]

May 192014
Sex & Disability: Questions to Ask

Wintersong continues his series on sex and disability with this five-minute video. He discusses empowering questions to ask a partner with a disability so to enhance the safety and enjoyment of your sexual play. Wintersong suggests several specific questions and offers tips on how to have such important conversations. Stay tuned for much more in […]

May 142014
Multi-Person Suspension Part 9: Flying Two Bottoms

Now that Ellen is up, it’s time for Murphy to rig the lines that take Annie up into the sky. He explains how this is a strategy to help her safely and comfortably get in the air. Murphy adjusts the ropes as needed, explaining what he’s doing every step of the way. He and both […]

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May 072014
Hands-On Impact Play: Punching the Legs & Groin

Moving on down the body, Shae gives examples of various ways to hit the quadriceps and groin area. She shows how the earlier “boxing nun” technique works well in both of these to both safely and severely impact the bottom. Shae also addresses safety issues but focuses mainly on the sensuality of the experience. This […]

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Apr 162014
Service Vacation Weekend: Situational Pros & Cons

Lucky Albatross talks about the reasons why you might want to plan a “service vacation weekend” such as getting out of a familiar rut or just to enjoy a different dynamic between you and your partner. She also covers the reasons why you probably shouldn’t do a service weekend. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s […]

Apr 132014
Foreplay & More Play for Rough Sex: Scratching & Spitting

Danarama continues his series on rough sex during this four-minute video. He discusses creative and multi-purpose ways to incorporate fingernail scratching and spitting into your sexual play. Danarama also covers negotiation, marks, positions, techniques, and more. Stay tuned for additional rough sex clips as well.