May 052010

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Lee Harrington examines another provocative topic during the following ten minutes. Lee brings his usual positive and encouraging approach to the discussion on the gifts and dangers of power and sex in age play. Watch this video and understand the relevant levels of sex and sensuality, the power of exploration, ways to communicate and negotiate age play, and much more.

  5 Responses to “Power and Sex in Age Play”

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    There’s no one quite like Lee Harrington. Wonderful, educational video that really makes you think about why these things that make you so uncomfortable in real life are hot and fun when role played by consenting adults. This is why I love kink and Kink Academy; it opens your mind to so many possibilities. And explained by Lee, well, I can now see why just maybe I’d want to go there.

  2. OMG I love the uniform! He’s so clear and direct, he could be on PBS talking about the rainforest, but instead he’s talking about Uncle Ed giving his little niece a bath for too long. I love it! Uncle/niece fantasy roleplay is one of my huge HOT buttons.

  3. Thank you for two really awesome videos. From someone who has experienced some age play, it’s nice to have some of my own hang ups identified and put to rest.

  4. It was a pleasure to watch this- and it was a friend’s first experience in kink education! Thank you to Lee and Kali for providing such quality material on such a fun topic.

  5. Thank you for expanding my understanding on this subject. Past experiences have kept me from this… but now I can see this as a cathartic experience. :) THANK YOU.