Nov 292012

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While the fantasy is very popular, actually taking sexy domination into the bedroom can be somewhat awkward. Scotty and Annie bring you some solid advice on the subject with techniques to get past the initial hesitation and literally embrace the power exchange. They show the body mechanics and explain the motivations of beginning sensually dominant play with hot and sexy demonstrations throughout. This is the first video in an entire series on Sensual Dominance here on Kink Academy.

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  3 Responses to “Sensual Domination: Getting Started”

  1. Hot, hot, hot. You two have great chemistry. It’s amazing how a simple tip can give such great impact.

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    Ditto to bobkat’s comment: you guys have off-the-charts chemistry!! Such a treat to watch ☺

    Re: “So, one tip that I really like to do is: if I take the entire sphere that’s around us of where we are going to be playing—so, our picnic blanket, if you will—and I divide that in half so that the front half is her side of the blanket, and the back half is my side of the blanket. So, I am going to stay on my side of the blanket. I’m not going to come around and engage from the front. Rather, I’m going to stay in the back. And by slipping over to the side, either side, I can start to undress her, without being face-to-face with her.”

    Love love love the picnic blanket (and in another of your vid.s the picnic) metaphor and the image of a mobile sphere with an invisible plane vertically bisecting it. At the moment, likin’ picturing the center point of the sphere at the sub’s center of gravity, and the size of the sphere being pretty generous, extending up slightly above the dom’s head, slightly wider than his arm span, and dipping slightly below the floor. Why below the floor? Really like the feel of the dom working from an intensely anchored stance while creating that strong vibe of support, connectedness and entrapment. So much of the time in day-to-day life, the way we relate to and engage with other people’s all about prioritizing an upward frontal spatial oriental (just bringing awareness to the people we’re communicating with from the hips up and engaging almost exclusively with the front of our bodies, especially our faces, the expressiveness of our hands, etc), so by both bringing heightened awareness to the back of the body and to the way the lower half of the body’s connecting into the floor, you get to savor a waaaaaay more three-dimensional mode of spatial awareness.

    Re: “So this can be a totally different experience.”

    Re: “I’m putting a little bit of hip into her backside, so that she is supported and connected and really feeling my presence.”
    Love this! Such a great feeling as the sub to be able to let go of responsibility for maintaining your own balance (something you’re responsible for most of the time when you’re standing, from the time you learn to walk) and let someone else be in charge of that for a while.

    Re: “So, I am “ripping her shirt” from her, but I’m not doing it in a violent manner. I’m doing it in a very sensual, deliberate manner. So, she gets that feeling of having her shirt torn off of her, but it’s done in such a slow, sensual, commanding manner that she has no choice but to comply with my every wish.”
    Best of both worlds: as the sub you don’t have to worry about your favorite new outfit being destroyed. At the same time, the deliberateness and continuous contact throughout the act of undressing the sub, and tracing the edge of the garment, strongly but sensually communicate the dom’s presence and control.

  3. Very sensual.