Oct 242014
Play Piercing: Different Techniques

Now that they’ve covered the basic techniques, Shay and Stefanos go into some alternative ways to put needles into the happy bottom. Some are quick, some are slow, some painful, but they all lead to smiles and often giggling at the end for Jade.

Oct 232014
How Pegging Will Improve Your Sex Life

In this clip, Dr. Charlie Glickman explains that the pleasures of using a strap-on dildo for prostate play has more benefits than simply pleasure. He has found that men and women tend to get a new appreciation and greater empathy for the other side of penetrative sex and this can lead to many more ways [...]

Oct 222014
Sensual Domination: Taking Off More Clothes

Scotty and Annie continue to demonstrate the fine art of a dominant male sensually disrobing a submissive female in this next clip. He tackles the sometimes-awkward task of removing the pants, talking about how body mechanics can really change it from a fumbling mess to a powerful and sensuous experience for both. He even shows [...]

Oct 202014
The Multi-Scene, Part 2: Starting the Karada

The next part of Poetic & Graydancer’s multi-scene is to put the karada, a common rope harness, on her naked body. Gray talks about how they’ve customized both the rope and the methods of tying to their own particular tastes in this scene as he shows the first part of this full-body tie.

Oct 182014
A Rough Body Play Demo

Now that he’s gone over all the basic principles, Roughinamorato lets it loose with his partner Ay. They show how a short scene can begin, escalate, and come to a satisfactory conclusion (of Ay’s orgasm). In the next clip they will talk about their feelings during this short and intense scene. This text is available [...]

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Oct 172014
Sexy Bootblacking: Basic Conditioning, Part 1

When Poetic pulls out her Hubbards leather conditioner, things really start to get sexy. Aside from being a great way to treat leather, the organic product also makes a very good (but non-latex friendly) lube. Poetic describes all kinds of ways it can be used and even demonstrates a couple with her stunt cock. She [...]

Oct 162014
Sexy Protocols

Here’s some great ideas for creating power exchange protocols that are “sexy for sexy’s sake”, according to Sinclair Sexsmith. They aren’t just for the dominant partners – Sinclair explains how even a single submissive could use these suggestions to make things hot. The suggestions are specific, graphic, and intensely sexual to get your D/s juices [...]

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Oct 152014
Play Piercing: Troubleshooting

What happens when things go wrong? Shay spends time in this clip explaining how to deal with things that may come up while you’re playing with needles. Accidental needle sticks, messy blood, fainting, hyperventilating…Shay explains what can go wrong and why, and also gives you concrete ideas on how to deal with it.

Oct 132014
Grabbing the Throat and Neck

In many clips showing various kinds of roughhousing Graydancer and other tops on Kink Academy will put their hands and arms around necks. This is not a haphazard process, and in this video Gray shows the safety considerations when putting someone in “choke” holds. The secret: they don’t actually choke at all! He and Poetic [...]

Oct 112014
Pervertibles: Thuddy

When it comes to impact play, there are a lot of things that can be used to produce a thuddy sensation. Iris shows books, shoes, paddles, and even some things that don’t have names. Of course she cautions you to use intelligence to stay safe when smacking your partner with these things – but mainly [...]

Oct 102014
Domestic Discipline: Aftercare

What happens when a domestic discipline scene is done? In this clip Miss Simone and her pain slut talk about the varying levels of aftercare – from a simple thank you to in-depth debriefing and check-ins. They cover both physical and emotional needs, with lots of examples and strategies to make sure that after the [...]

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Oct 092014
Full-Body Hishi Takate Kote - Finish Variation

Now that he’s demonstrated how to tie all of the crotch-to-neck diamond box tie harness (or hishi takate kote), Stefano LaForgia shows a variation to use at the end in order to use up any extra rope. “Rope has to have meaning,” he explains, and gives many more tips as he makes Deanna’s rope even [...]

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Oct 082014
The Multi-Scene, Part 1: Clothing & Rough Body Play

Graydancer and Poetic begin a series where they show the in-depth process of the same scene they did for the “Our America” TV show. In that filming they had to hold back, but for this series they show it all – rough play, cigars, cocksucking, rope, bootblacking, all in a hot combination that shows why [...]

Oct 062014
Play Piercing: Psychology

Why would someone want to play with needles in the first place? In this clip the motivation behind the steel is explored. For both the top and bottom it could be different reasons, from medical fetish to hedonistic sensation. Sometimes it’s about dominance and submission, but sometimes it’s just about friends having fun. Shay, and [...]

Oct 042014
Advance Face Slapping

In this clip Roughinamorato goes into the harder parts of face slapping, both in terms of physicality and in mental duress. He talks about how important it is to have a good relationship and clear negotiation within a face-slapping scene at this intensity, and even talks about how to include a punching technique in your [...]

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