Jul 302014
Basic Face Slapping

Roughinamorato of Chicago’s “Rough Crowd” shows the essential elements of this kind of hot and surprisingly intimate play. He goes over the anatomy of both the face and the hand, talking about where to hit and with what in order to keep the slap sexy and not damaging. He also goes over how to support [...]

Jul 282014
Knife Play: How & Where to Use the Knife

Now that he’s covered positions, Orpheus gets into the specific techniques for using the knife on the breasts, stomach, and thighs. He talks about the safest grip, how parts of the skin differ, and how to position yourself so that your bottom is kept from harm during this sensual type of edge play.

Jul 252014
Web Frame Bondage: Attaching to Frame, Part 4

Now that the only thing left is the arms, Danarama quickly shows how they are attached to the frame. Since the technique is the same as the other parts, he livens things up by turning on SuperSpeed and tying to the accompaniment of the Diablo Swing Orchestra (used under Creative Commons). Finally he presents the [...]

Jul 242014
Play Piercing: Handling Needle Sticks

What happens if you stick yourself unintentionally with a needle? This common accident is often blown out of proportion, but should be treated with specific steps to insure safety. Shay goes over the risks and the treatment in this video.

Jul 232014
Race Play: Negotiation

Now that she’s laid out the parameters of race play, Mollena Williams wants to talk to you about negotiating this type of scene. First and foremost, she says, the negotiation has to be with yourself, before you ever get in touch with a potential partner. She explains how to go about developing that kind of [...]

Jul 212014
Ideas for D/s Protocol: Sexy & Pragmatic

Sinclair Sexsmith talks more about the idea of a healthy D/s relationship in regards to setting up protocols. Start sexy – lingerie, erotic talismans, and the like – and then head into the pragmatic areas like doing dishes, laundry, even the way coffee is served. Sinclair gives solid suggestions as well as the reasoning behind [...]

Jul 192014
Bind Without Twine: Intention

Knowing how to tie someone up is great, Stephanos and Shay assure in this clip, but knowing why can be far more important. They talk about planning your ties and having a clear intention before the play starts. What are you hoping to do, or have your partner do, after they’re tied? Should you consider [...]

Jul 182014
Male Domination, Female Submission: Kneeling Adaptive Techniques

In the second video on adapting techniques when your physiques are similar Scotty and Alex move to the knees. Scotty shows how the back is the key to controlling the submissive’s position and how he uses his own body to dominate the situation when she’s on her knees. With a combination of safety and hotness [...]

Jul 172014
Double-Column Cuff with Loop & Chain Cinnet

Dov demonstrates a neat way to quickly tie two limbs together in a knot that is both secure and quick-release. He goes over the steps, including some common mistakes that can ruin the chain cinnet, and then shows just how quick the release can be.

Jul 142014
Introduction to Race Play

Mollena Williams dares to explore one of the most dark and controversial kinks in this series: playing with fantasies of race and ethnic inequality. She begins by clarifying what race play is and what it isn’t. She invites you to think about why exactly you’re wanting to do this kind of scene, and what you [...]

Jul 122014
Web Frame Bondage: Attaching to Frame, Part 3

In Part 3 Danarama shows how to tie off in a radial pattern when you use the wrap-type leg harness. It involves some math and measuring, but the result he shows is an integral part of this stunning tie.

Jul 112014
Sexy Bootblacking: What Is It?

Poetic Desires kicks off a series on “Sexy Bootblacking” with this clip. She talks about why she enjoys bootblacking, different motivations for this kind of leather care, and some of the legends of where this kind of play originated.

Jul 102014
Levels of Protocol

Stefanos and Shay share in this clip how they handle their power exchange relationship in various environments. This includes both “toning it down” in public and also ramping it up in private, with subtle cues for each other to communicate the desire for a stronger sense of protocol wherever they are.





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