Sep 292014
Race Play: Aftercare

In the final segment in her race play series, Mollena talks about the all-important subject of aftercare. She starts by emphasizing that especially for this kind of edgy play, both the top and the bottom need to have not only aftercare but also “during-care.” Mollena also brings up one of the unusual aspects of race [...]

Sep 272014
English Caning: The Last 3 Strokes

Sir Nik finishes out the “Six of the Best” and shows how to modify your position so that you can get the best angle for striking your bottoms ass. Ms. Thompson bears up well under the strokes, but also shows her reaction both in moans and smiles.

Sep 262014
MORE THAN TK: The Teppo Shibari Chest Harness Part 3

In this clip Murphy Blue finishes off the “rifle tie” by securing the upper arm in two single column ties – one to the wrist and one around the folded arm. He talks about alternate methods for this part of the tie and his reasons for doing it this way. Finishing it off he talks [...]

Sep 252014
Sensory Deprivation on a Budget: Mummification

Now that the prep is done, Shae Flanigan talks about how to use the plastic wrap to begin the mummification. She demonstrates from beginning to end, with notes along the way on how to twist to fit the body better and how to make sure your bottom is safe as they slowly have their mobility [...]

Sep 242014
Play Piercing: Decorative Designs

It’s not just about the feeling of the needles in the skin. This kind of temporary body modification can be used to create many fun, interesting, and beautiful designs under the skin. Stefanos and Shay show how to combine the feeling of the steel with strategic needle placement for several interesting looks.

Sep 222014
Challenges of Sex Addiction in Sex Positive Community

In this clip Anita Wagner goes deeper into a firsthand account of the challenges involved in having a partner with a sexual compulsion. She comes to it from the perspective of a sex-positive educator and gives some great examples of how treatments can vary and the importance of self-care as well as caring for the [...]

Sep 202014
MORE THAN TK: The Teppo Shibari Chest Harness Part 2

In part 2 of the Teppo Shibari tutorial Murphy shows ties in the second rope, which provides support under the breasts and turns the teppo into a suspension-worthy tie. He also illustrates the “dragon technique” of adding rope (his own invention!) and prepares to tie down the upper arm in part 3.

Sep 192014
Sex & Disability: Finding the Positives

In this clip Wintersong talks about finding the positive aspects of playing with a disability. While the focus is on the more kinky aspects of sexuality, it’s easy to extrapolate to the simple act of sex. For example, a person with fibromyalgia was able to enjoy the heightened sensitivity, and another with an artificial limb [...]

Sep 182014
Sensory Deprivation on a Budget: Prep for Advanced Mummification

In this clip Shae goes over the materials you need for an advanced mummification of the bottom (which will lead to sensory deprivation). Shae also demonstrates how to use gauze and tape to cover sensitive spots like the nipples from the duct tape that’s coming up.

Sep 172014
English Caning: the First 3 Strokes

Now that he’s explained the equipment, Sir Nik Satanas gives an actual demonstration of “Six of the Best”, the English traditional corporal punishment. He goes over positioning of the bottom, how to plan your swings, and then gives the first three strokes, pausing after each to talk about the bottom’s reaction and the marks the [...]

Sep 152014
Race Play: Finding the Right Partner

Mollena tackles the tricky subject of finding the right partner for your race play fantasies. She talks about the process of dialogue and broaching the subject, as well as what she considers warning signs. Mollena also explains why mutual respect and trust can be even more essential for this kind of play.

Sep 132014
Play Piercing: Removing the Needles

Once the needles go in, they have to come out, right? Shay and Stefanos demonstrate the basics in this video, explaining some of the physical effects (both sensation and blood) and how to safely dispose of the needles. They also demonstrate some of the more fun ways to play with taking the steel out from [...]

Sep 122014
Sensory Deprivation on a Budget: Introduction

In a follow-up to her great series on Sensory Deprivation, Shae Flanigan wants to talk more about doing those kinds of things when you can’t afford expensive leather hoods and shiny sleepsacks. She explains how a trip to the local hardware store can get you the duct tape, plastic wrap, and other materials to get [...]

Sep 112014
MORE THAN TK: The Teppo Shibari Chest Harness, Part 1

While the “TK” or takate-kote chest harness is a staple of shibari enthusiasts all over the world, there are more ways to tie! Murphy Blue shares one of his favorite alternate chest ties, the “Teppo Shibari” or “rifle-tie.” In part one he talks about where this tie puts stress on the body and shows the [...]

Sep 102014
Intro to English Caning

Sir Nik Satanas gives an introduction to a more heavy form of caning, English style. He starts by going over the various types of canes and explains why rattan is the most common used for this kind of play. Sir Nik also gives a few demonstrations of how canes can be scary even when they’re [...]





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