Apr 072015
What Kind of Non-Monogamy is for You? - Part 2

Marcia B. continues her discussion on non-monogamy during this four-minute, part-two video. In addition to encouraging you to identify the benefits and challenges of non-monogamy for you; she notes a host of motivations for open relationships so that you can better understand your desires and reasons for non-monogamy.

Apr 062015
What Kind of Non-Monogamy is for You? - Part 1

Most of us think we know what we’re talking about when it comes to monogamy, even though, from person to person and culture to culture, “monogamous” can mean something very different. That’s why Marcia B. begins her series on non-monogamy with a five-minute video on four types of monogamy: Sexual Monogamy, Emotional Monogamy, Social Monogamy, […]

Apr 052015
Dating for Non-Traditional Relationships: Online

Marcia B explains some of the ins and outs when you’re trying your hand at online dating and you don’t fit inside the mainstream relationship model. Poly, kinky, non-monogamous, swinging – whatever you call it, there are some specific things to keep in mind when using online resources to expand your dating pool. Marcia covers […]

Apr 032015
Awareness of Sex Addiction in Sex Positive Community

Anita Wagner addresses the issue of unhealthy sexual compulsion in this clip from a very personal perspective. She explains how the sex-positive community can sometimes resist the idea of “sexual addiction” simply because it is interpreted as shaming or sex-negative. The reality, she explains, is a very real issue that can damage relationships, communities, and […]

Apr 022015
Sensory Deprivation on a Budget: Duct Tape

Now that the bottom has been mummified with plastic wrap, Shae takes the sensory deprivation up a level by adding a layer of duct tape. She demonstrates the proper way to add each wrap, including a few jokes along the way about what not to do. It’s a precise and focused process that can be amazingly […]

Mar 312015
Possible Health Benefits of Prostate Massage

While there haven’t been clinical studies, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence of benefits from prostate massage. Dr. Charlie Glickman explains some of the reported good things that came from this practice. Of course you should always consult your personal physician if there are problems relating to your own health. Meanwhile, though, isn’t it […]

Mar 302015
Mommy Play: Why It's Hot

In their final clip Goddess Helena and Nicki go into detail about why they find this kind of consensual role-play fantasy so enjoyable. They talk about their psychological, emotional, and physical sensations, and how they have created a special adult relationship through Mommy play.

Mar 282015
The Shadow Side of Eros: Sex Addiction/Compulsion – Part 4

Anita Wagner completes her four-part series on sex addiction/compulsion with this four-minute video. She mostly discusses the role of the internet as it relates to sexual addiction and compulsion. Anita also suggests healthy personal and communal supports for anyone affected by sexual addiction and compulsion.

Mar 272015
Mommy Play: Power Switch

What happens when the fantasy is about the mommy being the submissive one in the relationship? Goddess Helena talks about this kind of role-play which is not terribly common but, she attests, can be incredibly erotic.

Mar 252015
Prostate Massage Techniques

Charlie Glickman, with the help of a little squeeze ball, demonstrates several methods for massaging your man’s prostate. He also explains how to incorporate this into love making in terms of timing, the “ramping up” method, and how to not ruin his orgasm.

Mar 212015
Sexy Sensations: Touching With the Hands

Some of the sexiest moments in the bedroom are just through focused touch. In this clip Scotty and Annie demonstrate several techniques not only for putting your hands on each other, but also for focusing the awareness to create a truly magical sensation.

Mar 202015
Bind Without Twine: Safety for Tops

There are many safety concerns when you’re playing with bondage, and some of them are particular for the tops. Where you tie someone, how you evaluate the risk of nerve damage, and the all-important “never leave a bottom alone!” are covered in this clip with good explanations of why. Shay also talks about the importance […]

Mar 192015
Mommy Play: Masturbation

In this long explicit clip Goddess Helena play-acts a masturbation scene with Nicki using lube and a hitachi vibrator. They show the way the interaction of consensual fantasy really becomes playful as well as erotic as they explore the scene together.

Mar 182015
Sensory Deprivation on a Budget: What Now? Part 2

In part two Shae takes out the genital coverings and begins to use different tools to give different sensations. She uses a cleaver, a wartenburg wheel, and her own fingers to great effect, explaining how it’s the mental game as well as the physical that makes this kind of play so much fun.