Apr 212014
Talking to Your Partner About Kink: Do

Kitty Stryker has already talked extensively about how not to talk to your partner about kink. But how about some positive suggestions? This long clip tells you many ways to express your fantasies and curiosity to your partner, both in theoretical and concrete terms. Between the two clips your communication skills for kink can really [...]

Apr 162014
Service Vacation Weekend: Situational Pros & Cons

Lucky Albatross talks about the reasons why you might want to plan a “service vacation weekend” such as getting out of a familiar rut or just to enjoy a different dynamic between you and your partner. She also covers the reasons why you probably shouldn’t do a service weekend. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s [...]

Apr 052014
Live-In Service

Stormmy’s slaves Miranda and Nicole share some very practical aspects of being in a service-oriented power-exchange relationship when the provider can live with the receiver. After covering the “basics” like domestic and sexual service, they also go into more complex service, such as caring for cars, leathers, or even understanding what kinds of things the [...]

Mar 142014
Male Domination, Female Submission: On the Couch

Scotty and Annie continue their series by showing some hot moves on the couch. Scotty breaks down all the body mechanics bit by bit to use posture to change Annie’s headspace from “relaxed” to “excited”. He also demonstrates some useful fingerholds for restraint, leg positioning for pressure, and comes out of it with one hand [...]

Mar 062014
Different Service Motivations

Lucky Albatross talks about the different reasons people have for performing service in a play environment. She explains many examples including efficiency, acknowledgement, and even sexual satisfaction. Lucky also details how the different motivations can necessitate different modes of communication, and how exploring that can be a huge part of the fun of finding your [...]

Jan 232014
Male Dominance, Female Submission: Touch

When playing with the role play of power exchange, the way you interact with each other nonverbally is just as important as what you say. In this clip Scotty draws on the principles of body language, sports, and fantasy to reinforce the power dynamic between the man and the woman.

Jan 092014
Kneeling Positions 1 & 2

As part of her protocol series, Mistress Melissa shows the first two of her four standard positions for submissives on their knees. One of these is “at rest” and the other is called “reprimand”, but as she shows there is a lot more to it. Mistress Melissa explains how the way she signals the positions [...]

Jan 042014
Male Domination, Female Submission: Voice

Scotty demonstrates the power of words spoken in the right tone with this clip. He talks about how a dominant voice is different than the typical “command” voice, since it’s not just compliance you’re looking for – it’s also arousal and fantasy. Annie also tells about how it feels to be spoken to in that [...]

Dec 192013
Male Domination, Female Submission: Posture

Many of the cues when enjoying the fantasy role play of male/female power exchange come nonverbally. As a dominant, your posture says a lot about your confidence and comfort in your position of power. In this clip Scotty starts by showing what not to do, and then gives some solid and practical body mechanics for [...]

Dec 092013
Under Consideration: Closing the Deal

Once you’ve taken everything under consideration into consideration, how to you go about making it happen and “closing the deal” with your chosen dominant? Mollena Williams helps you examine the difference between giving up everything and gaining everything you want, sometimes even when they’re happening at the same time! Consent, negotiation, self-identity, and awareness are all [...]

Dec 022013
Under Consideration: Vetting Your Dominant

It’s not unheard of to check on the references of a dominant under consideration – in fact, Mollena argues, it’s a pretty good idea. She talks about what kinds of questions to ask, both of the dominant and of the people that they recommend. Failing that, there’s always the old fashioned idea of “dating” – [...]

Oct 312013
Foundations of M/s: Write It Down, Part 1

Dan and Dawn continue their series on how to make a Master/slave relationship work with some lessons learned from classic personal development principles: Think it, say it, write it, do it! They talk about how important it is to take the time to identify your wants, needs, and desires, then figure out how they can [...]





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