Apr 012015
Njoy "Eleven": Part 6 - "Thrustable & Fuckable"

In the second Njoy “Eleven” clip, Greg gets detailed about the measurements of the dildo and the ways that the shape, curve, and even unintended design elements becomes features for your fucking. He also talks about his personal experiences with the dildo and why you should consider one for your sex life as well. Also […]

Feb 282015
NJoy Pure Plugs: Part 3, "All About Anal"

Greg shows off the third product in the NJoy line. Designed purely for anal play, the stainless-steel plugs come in several sizes. He shows how the curve and shape of the instrument is carefully thought out to give optimal pleasure, and how the size and weight can also contribute to the fun of ass play.

Nov 092014
The Submissive Playground e-Course

Sinclair Sexsmith talks about the “Submissive Playground”, a website and course that can give people a chance to more deeply explore their submissive sides. Sinclair is the “resident dominant” and can help guide you through the course, or you can do it with your own partner. The course runs in various cycles, and is available […]