Mar 212015
Sexy Sensations: Touching With the Hands

Some of the sexiest moments in the bedroom are just through focused touch. In this clip Scotty and Annie demonstrate several techniques not only for putting your hands on each other, but also for focusing the awareness to create a truly magical sensation.

Mar 162015
Sexy Sensations: Introducing a Leather Flogger

Scotty and Annie share the wilder side of sexy sensation in this clip with a beautiful leather flogger. They show how it doesn’t have to be used to hit at all, but can be stroked and “dropped” against the skin for a variety of enjoyable effects. Scotty draws it up and down her body, reveling […]

Mar 052015
Sexy Sensations: Rope

Annie enjoys the soft touch of natural-fiber rope as expertly applied by Scotty in this video. He talks about how this simple object can be used all over the skin to heighten awareness and stimulate your partner, then demonstrates just how simple and powerful it can be.

Feb 262015
Sexy Sensations: Chains

Scotty and Annie demonstrate the sensual potential of adding a simple length of chain to your toy collection. Scotty explains how to use both the texture and the sounds of the chain to maximum effect, gracefully combining both safety and sexuality as he uses the chain to stimulate Annie in a variety of ways.

Feb 192015
Sexy Sensations: Using Household Items

Scotty and Annie want you to go shopping, because there are a lot of simple items at the kitchen store that can be wonderfully stimulating. Scotty shows how car-washing mitts, a loofa sponge, and other items can be used in ways that may surprise you. Annie certainly appreciates them!

Jan 262015
Mommy Play: Bath Time

The first consensual adult role play scene that Goddess Helena does with her submissive is “bath time.” She shows how this combines caring and attentive devotion with “naughty” touches to the ass and genitals. She also talks about how she enjoys the feeling of power and occasional humiliation that can go along with this kind […]

Dec 222014
Dominant Kissing: Light Biting, Part 1

Scotty and Annie continue their series on sensual masculine domination with a couple of clips with teeth! In part one Scotty shows the way that you can use your lips to give tiny nibbles along the skin for great sensation without leaving any marks. Then, to Annie’s delight, he increases the intensity and shows how […]

Dec 102014
Sexually Dominant Kissing: The Mapping

Scotty and Annie are getting hot and heavy with their series on dominant kissing. In this video Scotty both explains and demonstrates the technique of kissing along the borders and “interesting contours” of your partner’s body. He explains that this can show intent and dominance at the same time and Annie happily agrees.

Nov 142014
Pervertibles: Clamps

Iris Enchanted brings out those tried-and-true kinky sex toys, clothespins! But she steps outside of “the nipple box” and shows different ways to use them along with reasons they are more delightful than you might realize. She also pulls out some other very unusual clamps to show how you can multi-purpose your sex toys.

Nov 082014
Breast Milk Play: Lactating, Positions, Changes in Your Body

Penny Barber continues her series on breast milk play during this seven-minute video. She shows specific ways to facilitate milking and describes the ways that breasts change as a result of lactation. In addition to many other practical tips, Penny also notes a few of the most helpful positions for both parties to enhance breast […]

Oct 222014
Sensual Domination: Taking Off More Clothes

Scotty and Annie continue to demonstrate the fine art of a dominant male sensually disrobing a submissive female in this next clip. He tackles the sometimes-awkward task of removing the pants, talking about how body mechanics can really change it from a fumbling mess to a powerful and sensuous experience for both. He even shows […]

Sep 272014
English Caning: The Last 3 Strokes

Sir Nik finishes out the “Six of the Best” and shows how to modify your position so that you can get the best angle for striking your bottoms ass. Ms. Thompson bears up well under the strokes, but also shows her reaction both in moans and smiles.

Sep 172014
English Caning: the First 3 Strokes

Now that he’s explained the equipment, Sir Nik Satanas gives an actual demonstration of “Six of the Best”, the English traditional corporal punishment. He goes over positioning of the bottom, how to plan your swings, and then gives the first three strokes, pausing after each to talk about the bottom’s reaction and the marks the […]

Jul 282014
Knife Play: How & Where to Use the Knife

Now that he’s covered positions, Orpheus gets into the specific techniques for using the knife on the breasts, stomach, and thighs. He talks about the safest grip, how parts of the skin differ, and how to position yourself so that your bottom is kept from harm during this sensual type of edge play.

Jul 092014
Knife Play: Basic Positions, Part 3

Orpheus Black goes over a third way to do knife play: with the bottom standing, using the serrated edge of the blade sensually over her back. He demonstrates the careful technique while she demonstrates the fun reactions you can get when you play with knives like this.